The Mex Books are a series of novels by Susan Corso written to entertain and enlighten.

Mexicali Rose (“You can call me Mex”) Stone is an intuitive investigator based in New York City, who solves her cases from the inside out. By listening to the inner voice who she calls Spirit, Mex catches her culprit, and always learns something about herself.

U.S. passport and lipstick in her purse, Mex finds herself summoned in all directions throughout the series: way south to Tierra del Fuego, up north to the Western Isles of Scotland, east to the Yakuza underground of Japan, at home on Broadway and up the Hudson to her country home.

In between Mex manages to fall in (and out) of love with gifted women from whom she learns and with whom she grows spiritually.

DNP Press

Look for the premier novel in the Mex Books series where ebooks are sold this fall! -Susan

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